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Western Herbs for Eastern Meridians and the Five Element Theory – Book


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A unique book in two significant ways: the first is that it addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual aspect of the herb for balancing the body; the second is that it organizes the western herbs into the eastern meridians and hence the five element theory.

Nature provides us with herbs, powerful healers of body, mind and soul. Each herb is categorized by Meridian for physical health, related to an emotional aspect and connected to spiritual insight. This book has the potential to empower people to find herbs in local fields and to have the confidence to use them the way mother nature intended.

This book was designed to be a working herbal manual for any busy practitioner in the healing arts. It is also a very practical guide for any one wanting to know how the herb is supporting their body while they are taking it to maintain health and vitality.

Watch a video introduction to Western Herbs by Evelyn Mulders:

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