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The Essence of Sound – eBook (PDF)


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Evelyn Mulders is a mother, herbalist, reflexologist, energy kinesiologist and workshop facilitator, and the founder of the Kinesiology College of Canada in Lake Country. When she can find a spare moment she also writes. Her latest book “The Essence of Sound” is out and is available locally, nationally and internationally.

Energy Medicine is the medicine of the future and sound has been predicted to be the healing modality of the 21st century. This book “The Essence of Sound” blends both of these predictions to offer the reader a unique understanding of how Energy Medicine has the potential to enhance health, vitality and personal growth.The sole purpose of this book is to help the reader take the mystery out of understanding the three-dimensional aspects of the energy body and bring awareness to the healing potential of nature’s resources through the use of vibrational remedies. Some have claimed this book to be an encyclopedia of Energy Medicine.

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